About Adore Anieo


How Adore Anieo came to be

Ever since I was a little girl, I had a deep love for creating and making art. As I grew up, I knew I never wanted to lose my passion for creativity. I took on many hobbies, but not once did I ever feel truly satisfied. I then decided to teach myself how to make natural soap bars and instantly fell in love! At first it was just a hobby, and I took pleasure in gifting my soap to friends and family.

However, in the spring of 2023 I had the brilliant idea to rent a vendor booth at my local farmers' market to share my beautiful soaps with everyone. My first market experience went incredibly well, which led me to take my small business more seriously.

In the beginning of June, I launched my online shop and began creating content on social media to showcase my products. Not long after that, I found many wonderful people supporting my new business!

From that point on, I've been able to continue my passion creating natural self care products and expressing my creativity through new styles and scent blends every week. I am so beyond grateful for this opportunity, to be able to share the amazing benefits of our natural handmade products with all of you. Thank you so much for being here!


What does Anieo mean?

 "Anieo” is an acronym that I created, which stands for "All Natural Ingredients and Essential Oils". Adore Anieo strives to create non-toxic, sustainable products available to all. We naturally scent all of our products with essential oils rather than traditional fragrance oils. This provides amazing healing properties along with aromatherapy benefits.

As someone who strives to live a more natural and eco-conscious lifestyle, I understand that it is not easy to make the switch overnight. That is why I decided to start making natural self care products, considering they are essential to our everyday lives. This small, yet effective, switch actually makes a huge difference. You can feel at ease knowing that our products are beneficial and allow you to experience the true meaning of self care.